Wednesday, April 16, 2014

House Tour: Master Bedroom Before and After

The floors are finally in and done, and things are starting to get homey over here!  While I was in Nashville for work a couple of weeks ago, Ray and Grant worked every night to finish the floors before I got back!  They did great and they look awesome!  I love them even more than I thought I would!  Since the floors have been down, I have been in full force decorating mode!  I've mostly completed every room except for hanging items.  The master bedroom is pretty much the way I want it...I think :)  I've rearranged it quite a few times!
This is the master bedroom the night we closed on the house...  The only thing good about this room is the ceiling fan and the blinds - we kept both after several cleanings.  Everything else we changed.

This was the master bathroom.  I haven't completely finished it yet, so I'll save it for another post, but you get the idea of what we were working with...
First things first, we ripped out the nasty carpet!  We had to put our clothes somewhere while the closet was getting painted, so this was the best we had!  Reason #489 while I am just now feeling a little more organized!
 Next step was to paint.  Our awesome friends from church, Kevin and Melisa, came out and helped us paint this room (and some others!)  I LOVE this color.  I haven't been able to have any color on my walls since college, so I went bold! :)  The color is bronze green, and it blends so well with the dark floors and our black furniture.
All the doors had to be taken out so the floor could be laid.  This was my view of the master for a good three weeks probably.
The clothes finally made it into the closet - although still not organized since we couldn't move our dressers in until the floors went down.
Only about six boxes of our wood came in on time, which was not enough to even finish one room.  This my view for about the next 4-5 weeks while we waiting on the rest to come in!!
After new paint on the walls and the ceiling, new baseboards, new wood floors, and new electrical casings...
Welcome to our new Master Bedroom!
Walking in from the living room...
I went with our wedding theme for our room.  I usually don't like wedding photos in the living room after its been awhile...I don't really know why.  Our big wedding print is above the tall dresser, and directly across the room is our picture collage and signed photo frame from our guests.

 Can't decide if I'm loving the arrangement of the décor on the shelves, but it'll work for now!
 More photos and the letter Grant wrote to me when he proposed!
 When we were moving I came across my box that had all our wedding stuff in it.  It's been 5 1/2 years and I've only looked at it a couple of times.  I thought it would be neat to put some of it on display.  I filled these two lamps from TJ Maxx with special memories from our day!  Our napkins, program, save the date, the necklace I wore, the ribbon that was wrapped around my bouquet, our airline tickets, my slip-ons, the ring box, and some other random items. 
I love the way they turned out, and now we can occasionally look over and remember all the special memories of our wedding day!
I am so happy with the way our master bedroom turned out!  Grant and I say all the time we can't believe God has blessed us with such an awesome house and so many people that were willing to help get it together.  The process of transforming the house was definitely not fun, but it's SO fun to start seeing the finished products!!


  1. OOOOOOO loved the first room makeover!!!!! It looks great!!! Can't wait to see more rooms!!!!